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Guelph News
Out Of Poverty Society (Guelph)
Anna & The Food Pantries
Baker Street Art Gallery
Fresh Start Housing Centre
Penn Letters
Our Guelph Archives

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at 40 Baker Street, Guelph, Ontario

200 for 40 on Facebook
Out of Poverty Society (Guelph) on Facebook
Baker Street Art Gallery on Facebook

Out Of Poverty Society (Guelph) Inc.
in association with Room For Us and
Friends of the Unemployed, Needy and Dispossessed!

Fresh Start Housing Centre
Baker Street Art Gallery
Our Place Youth Circle

Produced by Susie Q. Artworks Inc.
40 Baker Street, Guelph, Ontario N1H 4G1
Dedicated to Bill Creary & Terri Currie
gone but impossible to forget.

Home of 40 Baker Street
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