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ID: 101082
Date Added: 2004-11-10
Date Modified: 2004-11-16
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Twelfth Key is an anthology of poetry from the titles published in Pendas Poets Series. Penn chose several poems from each new book, the poems we think most alchemical! Twelfth Key began as an alchemical poetry journal that Penn edited for Applegarth Follies in London, 1977. Pendas Productions carried it on through more than a dozen issues over the years. We're delighted to offer it on line in Germination now... Poets with Panache, Deeper by the Dozen!

- Pennanded

An interview with Penn is archived on Flaunting The Arts, Oct. 5, 2004.
Pendas Poets were reviewed recently by Norla Antinoro

Penn Kemp & Gavin Stairs
Pendas Productions
525 Canterbury Road, London ON N6G 2N5

e-mail: Pendas@pennkemp.ca


Pendas Poets

Miguel Neneve
Daniel Kolos
Emily Hearn
Marianne Micros
Katerina Fretwell
Charles Mountford
Di Brandt
Patience Wheatley
Susan McMaster
Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy
Penn Kemp
Patricia Keeney
Joseph-Mark Cohen
Terry Ann Carter
Roger H. Gould/ Gregor Loud

Pendas Poets Series

1 Folhas Mortas, Miguel Neneve
2 Slipped Out, book and cd, Daniel Kolos
3 Grass of Green Moment, book and cd, Emily Hearn
4 The Key of Dee, book and cd, Marianne Micros
5 Shaking Hands with the Night, book and cd, Katerina Fretwell
6 The Harvestman, book and cd, Charles Mountford
7 Bouquet for St. Mary, book and cd, Di Brandt
8 The Astrologer's Daughter, book, Patience Wheatley
9 Until the Light Bends, cd, Geode Music & Poetry, Susan McMaster
10 Gathering Voice, book and cd, Penn Kemp & Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy
11 Vocal Braidings: an Experiment in Poetry and Theatre, book and cd, Penn Kemp & Patricia Keeney
12 Sarasvati Scapes, book and cd, Penn Kemp & Angela Hryniuk


13 Aleph 2160: a Zodiac Oracle, book and cd, Joseph-Mark Cohen
14 Persiflage, pomes and sorties, book and cd, Gregor Loud / Roger H. Gould
15 such green, book and cd, Terry Ann Carter
16 The Night the Ducks Got Loose, book and cd, Charles Mountford
17 Two Lips, book and cd, Penn Kemp & Susan McMaster

Available from Pendas Productions, pennkemp.ca

Twelfth Key, Table of Contents

Charles Mountford, The Harvestman, Lady Sings The Blues, Her White Shirt, You, Me, Picasso & Boy George, from The Harvestman
Charles Mountford, The Centre of the Universe, What the Afterlife Might Be Like for Those Who Can't Quite Make Up Their Minds What To Believe In, I Know You, from The Night the Ducks Got Loose

Katerina Fretwell, Aligning Soul & I, And Yet, As Angels, Killing The Negative Post-Process, Vital Signs, from Shaking Hands with the Night

Daniel Kolos, Full Moon, Shaman, Solstice, My Dear Crone from Slipped Out

Miguel Neneve, S(leeping)unday in Lages, Starring, Re-Viving, Dear Lord from Folhas Mortas

Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy, descent, alternate roads, great impossibility, Isla Negra, from Gathering Voice

Penn Kemp, Frida on Exhibit from Gathering Voice. "The thought is the thinker.", "Rest your ear", "the space around" from Sarasvati Scapes

Marianne Micros, Sympathetic Magic, The Meeting, Contract, In the British Museum, from The Key of Dee

Joseph-Mark Cohen, 95, 164, 151, 152, 214, from ALEPH 2160: a Zodiac Oracle

Susan McMaster, Sonata for Watcher and Shades, from UNTIL THE LIGHT BENDS

Patricia Keeney and Penn Kemp, Love List and My Mother Shipping Out, from Vocal Braiding
Patricia Keeney, "My mind's a port town", from Vocal Braiding

Patience Wheatley, Cave Drawing, Sleet, Going Home to Montreal for Christmas, Landscape of Flowers, from The Astrologer's Daughter

Emily Hearn, Grass of green moment, the swing that takes our Anna, put your ear to my secret, Song for a Contented Dinghy, from Grass of Green Moment

Di Brandt, Part III, Part VI, Part IX, from Bouquet for St. Mary

Terry Ann Carter, haiku, from such green

Roger H. Gould, Earthern, Erosion, from Persiflage

Penn Kemp and Susan McMaster, from Two Lips

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