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documentWhat Springs To Mind

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ID: 101389
Date Added: 2004-11-17
Date Modified: 2005-09-06
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Penn Kemp 
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What Springs To Mind

When I write, I begin an adventure equipped with my writing tools and everything else I know about myself and the world. By the end of the day, everything I knew and thought may be transformed Ś or discarded. It intrigues me that what I know and start off with is the very means for realizing what is unknown to me.

I remember my own early discovery of and delight in language. As a child, I did not coddle my dolls. I sat them up and read the poems, stories and nursery rhymes my mother had read to me. The words she read would sink into the well of my hearing and become part of me; their rhythms would dance inside my body like northern lights. I ate up those words with a necessity as strong as hunger. Even at first hearing, the words were somehow familiar as if I recognized in them old friends. I remember swelling proudly with the power of words, in learning first to read and then actually to write, to put down the letters so that they made sense to anyone who could read.

   Penn Kemp

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