Open Letter: In Celebration of World Poetry Day, March 21 2005

Penn Kemp 

In Celebration of World Poetry Day,
March 21 2005

Please Circulate Widely

March 21 is World Poetry Day and International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We're inviting folks around the world to read my little Poem for Peace in Two Voices on this day to celebrate the balance of Equinox... In this way, you will link with other readers and translators around the globe! Poem for Peace has already been translated into 100 languages and read in sacred sites on every continent.

See and hear the poem and many translations on We are now up to 100 translations, and still looking for more. Please send us any suggestions!

I so believe in doing whatever we can to keep other languages alive. They are wisdom carriers in ways we can't even realize, without knowing the languages themselves. For me, sound carries some of the essence of that difference which on hearing can be felt if not understood. After hearing the poem in English, listen to the stream of translations up on Poem for Peace. Knowing the meaning of the words, you can comfortably enter each language as if you belonged to the culture.

Available as posters, book and double CD from
Pendas Productions
525 Canterbury Road, London ON N6G 2N5

Some of you might wish to write on this work of translations, or other pieces, see below. So much is up on that it is easy to find, and any of this work could be reviewed. We especially wanted to make the poetry available to students who might not be able to afford the books and CDs. If we can't travel any time soon, the work now can!! Do send us any reviews.

Penn says... Pensées


My book on teaching writing is up in MyTown at What Springs to Mind.
Where do you get your ideas?

Some new work of mine on the web...
Facing the Epicentre Poets for the Tsunami Victims
Penn in Cooked and Eaten dot com
Walking on the Moon in Moulay Ibrahim
Honouring Mothers
in Goddess Pages
in As Best We Can
Toss the bouquet and run
Audio on

Here are some of my poems and pieces against war and violence.

Work Against War Essay in Womedia
Poem for Peace at Voices in Wartime
Arms And The Boy in As Best We Can
"Calling All Calling" in As Best We Can
PIECE BY PIECE in As Best We Can

and against violence

BINDING TWINE with its intro: AT STAKE
SIOLENCE: Essays on Women, Violence, and Silence.
"Siolence is a word coined by Penn Kemp to encapsulate the blending that so often occurs between violence and the silence enabling it."

On March 22, at 6:00 PM, Flaunting The Arts interviews me on CHRW 94.9 Radio Western, live and archived on Another INTERVIEW is archived on Flaunting The Arts, Oct. 5, 2004.

To book a Reading or Workshop, please contact me.

Peace to you,

Penn Kemp
Pendas Productions
525 Canterbury Road, London ON N6G 2N5

One of Canada's most active performance poets, Penn Kemp has attracted enthusiastic audiences worldwide with her unique delivery, recently throughout Brazil. Twenty of her books of poetry and plays have been published and 8 CDs. Her sound poetry is available in book/CDs along with other poets from Pendas Productions,

Books and cds can be ordered from Pendas Productions.

Poem for Peace, Vol. 1: Painting is by Anne Anglin, Design by Gavin Stairs
Poem for Peace, Vol. 2: Painting is by Bernice Vincent, Photo by Gavin Stairs
Photo of Penn with the sparkling ring is by Christopher Blythe.