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ID: 112456
Date Added: 2006-04-09
Date Modified: 2006-04-09

When he laughed his eyes lit up ? average | Votes: 0
Stephanie (and Dan's grandkids) 
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Daniel Robert Murray
Retired in Peace
1:05 a.m., 28 January 2006

Poppa Cool!
a daughter-in-law's tribute

It is hard to put in to words exactly how I feel about Dan. I met Dan shortly after John and I started dating. The very first thing I noticed about Danny were his eyes when he laughed the way they would light up.

Anyone who knew him and spent any time knew Danny was strong willed and loved fiercely. It showed in everything he did, from being sober to graduating college, starting the houses and club, to most of all loving his family and his friends. He truly made it clear no matter what one has dealt with you can overcome anything with a determination and a little bit of will power.

Danny’s imagination was wild! He could be a colonel in the 13th division of the army fighting wars, to a stunt double in a movie, to walking his imaginary dog through a busy mall. It didn’t matter what you did with Danny it always had the intent to be interesting. Whether it was grocery shopping, just going for a drive or coffee or hanging out at the house. His ability to encourage a sense of excitement was always there. He could turn the blandest thing into a gigantic adventure.

He would often start being silly especially around his grandkids. He would start food fights, he would tell them they were too loud then yell over top them to get them to laugh and make them have that deep belly laugh. Our children have the blessing of remembering rolling down a hill with Poppa Cool and picking up little treasures, disappearing for hours> These are their cherished possessions of their Poppa Cool. (Mind you our oldest boy still believes that Danny taught Jackie Chan martial arts.) For all that I thank him. Danny always put our kids first, he always had time to listen to a story, tell them a joke or give them some direction – the kids will always remember and love their “Poppa Cool” for that but most of all they will always be proud to say that is our Poppa Cool.

I am blessed to have a been a a part of Danny’s Life for the last 11 years. When Danny welcomed me to his family on the day we got married he told me, to expect the unexpected, to expect to be loved and expect to be a part of something bigger He was right. He pushed me to thrive and succeed as a wife, a mother and a daughter in law, and he loved me unconditionally as any father could love a daughter in law: But most of all we had a silent, understanding of each other. He taught me that perseverance, determination and a good laugh could master anything. He showed me in his daily example of how no matter how rough it looks these qualities will overcome. I could also trust Danny to tell me how it was, no holds barred whether or not I liked it. I will always respect and love him for that.

Danny’s legacy will live on through the work and sense of humor Pat, his daughters, and son have. His legacy will survive and give others the hope and the desire to succeed through determination will and a lot of personal strength we all work to better ourselves, giving to ourselves and others honestly and freely, Just as Danny has done for many of us.

Danny has left behind 3 extremely strong and amazing children, a wonderful life partner, 10 amazing grandchildren and a lifelong best friend... all of whom can remember the laughter, the love and the sheer determination. But most of all the true blessing of having this amazing giant of a man in their lives.

Danny will never be forgotten by his children, grandchildren, who like Danny love fiercely and ferociously.

You will be sadly missed, and are deeply loved Dad, rest with the Angels you are truly free.

Love Always Your “Favorite” Daughter-in-Law

9 April 2006

I also want to let Tricia know, no matter where you go, what you do, we are here, you became a very important part of our lives over the last 8 years, your presence is here with us, and you are thought of daily. If we had to have choosen Danny’s soul mate we could not have choosen a better person then yourself.

And to everyone who helped us YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE : You have no idea how much you have helped in the little things you do , We thank you.

Our Children have asked to put something up

Poppa always made me laugh, he would tell me there are many ways to drink water and would pour it over his head and then it would come out of his mouth. He was magic!! Poppa had a big belly, he would shake it when he laughed I always laughed when I was with Poppa. Last summer Poppa and Gramma Cool, Mom sent us to bed, Poppa called us down and said SHHHH if she finds out she’ll give us all trouble. When mom came back Poppa made us run as fast as we could and hide from mom. But Mom knew and Poppa and Daddy laughed a lot that night I smiled a lot when Poppa was here. Poppa wanted me to be the best big sister I can be and I am: Kaitie will know Poppa cool by all the fun stuff we tell her -

I Love you Poppa
Your Princess

Poppa Cool did a lot of cool things with us, we had a food fight and Mom was mad But Dad told her it was ok : Poppa was here! Poppa threw his food at us, we banged our plates, and yelled, and Poppa would yell back, Poppas belly was great for head butting, he always let me run in to his tummy and he didn’t move HE WAS STRONG!!!! I got a great Poppa, he was the one who taught Jackie Chan all the karate moves, he fought in the war, he was a race car driver and he could play x box really good ( I think he practiced when I went to bed!!) that’s OUR POPPA and we will always love him : Mom and Daddy both say Poppa is watching us, and with us, cause there are holes in the floor in heaven and they let him keep on eye on everyone who he loves I think they are right!!!
Your Little Meathead,

P.S : I think Poppa is telling God how to run things now Cause my Poppa knew everything he was the smartest man in the world.

Poppas biggest treat to us was taking us to the fair, Poppa took us on all the rides, Poppa never cared if I was wearing different clothes, he never made me change like Mom and Dad do, Poppa, Mommy says you will always watch over us, and you will always be there for us, When I grow up Poppa im gonna be just like you : Big, Strong and a lot of laughing. I love you Poppa, when u watch over us can you please smile a lot

Love your little tool man

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