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Date Added: 2009-01-29
Date Modified: 2009-01-29

Remembering Dan Murray on the third anniversary of his death ? average | Votes: 0
by Barb Bell, daughter and friend 
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Daniel Robert Murray
Retired in Peace
1:05 a.m.
28 January 2006

Remembering Dan Murray
on the third anniversary of his death
by Barb Bell, daughter and friend

Well... 3 years later and 2 days of writing and re-writing to try and make this the perfect letter.... here goes nothing!

No words seemed just right! I can't believe that it has been this long, yet it seems like just yesterday that I lost my father and best friend! I'm glad that I am still this close to these feelings. I'm sure it has a lot to do with the fact that I am so close with so many people he helped and that wherever I go his wisdom has INFECTED this city! I love watching some of the people grow and thrive on his teachings. Take Gary (for example) a single father with 3 years sobriety struggling with his addictions but still sticks his hand out to whoever needs help!

You know, I always figured I'd be the one to take care of my father in his old age and was actually looking forward to it but we lost him early and I did not get that chance. But in his wisdom he left me a string of 'trucked' up people to help and although I could never take his place I do hope I am passing on the message of HOPE he always tried to spread! I am not sure I always have the tolerance he had (and we all know how high that was, lol) as I watch some of these people bang their heads against the wall when the answer is so clear, (I am banging my head right beside them -- so what a headache, sometimes).

As I have hit so many hardships myself I will always remember something my dad taught me (besides how to change a tire, check my oil and never ever rely on a man to make me happy, lol) he always told us (my sister, brother and me): what does not kill us will only make us stronger... and never ever judge another human as that is GOD's job ... and who wants His job, benefits or not?

The old saying goes something like this.... "time heals all wounds and it gets easier". Well, my friends, this will always be one wound that never heals and I can't imagine it ever getting easier. Actually I'm very sure my dad will not allow that to happen because there are too many people who need the message of HOPE and there are too few of us to spread it!

So many friends (still suffering and in sobriety) tell me they check in here to read the messages over and over again left for my dad and always want to write something but do not know what to say... I have never had answer for them until now....

We Miss You Danny And Thank You!

Enough Said!

Dad, Thank You For Being You And Teaching Me I Did Not Need To be Anything Else But Me!

Love, Your Little Runaway,
Barbie (Babs)

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