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ID: 125584
Date Added: 2009-02-01
Date Modified: 2009-02-01

My Dad ? average | Votes: 0
by John Boy 
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Daniel Robert Murray
Retired in Peace
1:05 a.m.
28 January 2006

My Dad
by John Boy

Well its been 3 years since Dad passed away, and I find myself missing the small things like sitting in a Tim Hortons parking lot at 3am talking about nothing, or chasing down one of Dads dogs cause he thought it would be a good idea for it to have a run at 1am in a field with no lights. Or him dancing to someone elses music on the side of the road.

I think alot of people are missing the true message my father was spreading: life is not something you do, its an experience to enjoy. This is not to say that everything was cupcakes and roses. but Dad had a knack for having fun with most things. If you saw him sit in a park for 3 hours because he felt like it or sit down with a whole pie(blueberry usually) and a can of whip cream.Then you started to see the real Dan Murray.

My father that taught me that though you may not like someone everyone is worthwhile,and often its the things you have in common with someone which causes that dislike. I think he taught alot of poeple not to take life so seriously.

You know 3 years later and my kids still tell me at least once a week that they miss Poppa Cool. Today is Keegans birthday and he decided that we should dig out Poppa's car and get it runnin, it took about 3hrs but the look on his face was well worth it. We talk about of you often and laugh at all the great memories you gave us.

So Dad we miss and love you
Love, John Boy

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