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ID: 125657
Date Added: 2009-04-14
Date Modified: 2013-02-08

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heart and soul 

Ingrid McCrae
Rest In Peace
MACRAE, Ingrid Valborg (Aylwin) - July 4, 1945 - April 13, 2009. Ingrid left us peacefully, after a brief bout with cancer, on Monday, April 13, 2009 at the age of 63. She will be greatly missed by her husband and best friend of 45 years, Malcolm, and her children, Doug (Marie-Anne), Duncan, Heather (Simon Couverette) and Karen. Also missing her will be her sister, Karen Aylwin; her aunt, Johanna Nielsen; her brother-in-law, Lachie John MacRae and his family, Katie, Lachie Charles and Neil; and also by Pamela Golden, who was considered a third daughter. Ingrid will be remembered by the very many people she touched in the course of her life and work. Resting at the Gilbert MacIntyre and Son Funeral Home, Hart Chapel , 1099 Gordon St., Guelph on Thursday, April 16, 2009 from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. A Funeral Service will be held in the funeral home chapel on Friday, April 17, 2009 at 11 a.m. As expressions of sympathy, donations to the Drop In Centre would be appreciated by the family (cards are available at the funeral home, 519-821-5077 or send condolences at www.gilbertmacintyreandson.com).

Dorothy Seward (Olsen) wrote: I remember the day I took this picture of Ingrid the summer 2003 it feels like yesterday. I'm going to miss her a lot she's been there for me through all the good and the bad in my life. Through it all there was always this big smile on her face. I love that smile. In every picture I've taken of her she has this big smile. She was more then just a friend I could talk to she was like family. I'm really going to miss Ingrid she meant a lot to me. I'm very heart broken right now over this loss. It wasn't long ago we sat and had a chat about life how and where things are at. Ingrid and I met March the 6th 1987 when she worked in the women's shelter. I always went to her when there was no one else around, sometimes even when there was. Ingrid would hold my hand with both of hers wrapped around it and say, Dorothy you gotta learn how to move on accept the good and the bad. That's how she had inspired me and touched my life. A teary eyed me seemed to manage to walk away with a smile almost every time. Right from the day we met I knew this was a person with a heart of gold. She laughed at me when I said, Ingrid you and I know there's nothing wrong with me it's the rest of the world we have to worry about. This woman will be right here in my heart forever. It makes me happy to see that smile of hers in the photo. RIP Ingrid I love you. I'll never forget you.

Chris Schweitzer wrote: Ingrid we will always love and remember you as a wonderful person who made it her life goal to help the ones in need... loved and never forgoten.

Julia Busato wrote: I grew up across the street from her and her family on Home street when I was little her daughter Heather was my best friend at the time... I will miss Ingrid ... I hope her family is ok and I send them all the love that they can carry with them.

Steve Potter wrote: She was a very sweet, and helpful lady.

Tasha Solomon wrpte: We will all miss her so very much she was sooo kool.

Victoria Braseau wrote: Ingrid will never be forgotten in the hearts of many, therefore let her memory live happily amoung us and let us let her live on in our hearts... Gone but never forgotten! Let us pray for her family in this their time of need...

Teresa McEvoy wrote: Ingrid will always be in the drop-in's heart-she was such a blessing to Sister Christine and touched sooo many hearts there !!!!!

Helen Hoy wrote: There's going to be a big hole at Drop-In and Sister Christine's now. Ingrid was a real support to my daughter, and I've watched her patient, important work with great respect. What a loss. What a woman.

Mia Goulden wrote: RIP Ingrid. You are up in heaven with my Mom and Barb now. They spoke of you often. Thank You!

Terry Buckingham wrote: Ingrid we will dearly miss u.

Wayne Eames wrote: Here here!!! What a dynamic lady!!

Gerry Madigan wrote: rip.

Al Rogers wrote: RIP Ingrid you will be missed.

Winston Cole wrote: WellCharged, wow much much sorrow, we are so sorry for such news, nuff respect, to family and friends, Jah guide... Nuffluv...

Suzie Diamond wrote: Oh what sad news :-(

Harmiena Vanoosten wrote: I didn't know her but know people like her and it is always a great loss to the community. My deepest condolences to all who loved her...

Eric Robitaille wrote: we will miss her alot!! she was the first one that helped me when i was new to the city of Guelph..she is and was a really good person to know and now she is in a better place.. :( R.I.P. - Ingrid McCrae. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!

Sue Potvin wrote: A sad day my deepest condolences to everyone...

Dean Kehl wrote: What a blessing she was to me, she helped me get my life back together. A rare, genuine, caring woman; who will me missed by many. Thanx Ingrid.

Mandy Hiscocks wrote: this is a terrible loss for guelph.

Jon Sweete wrote: watching Ingrid work her desk for the last five years am very worried about the future for Guelph's homeless and poor!!!

Dori Ann Schram wrote: omg no not Ingrid, she was such a beautiful lady, one of a kind, I am so upset that she is no longer with, I am going to miss her, she was like my best friend, I am going to miss calling beautiful, and seeing that amazing smile of her's, this is breaking my heart, she was genuine, Loving, caring, trustworthy, loyal, and honest to god the best ange, I have ever met, you are going to be missed, very deeply, I love you Ingrid, may god be with you.

Ross Candlish wrote: I will miss Ingrid. She was a friend and inspiration.She helped people navigate through OW and ODSP. She knew the rules better then the workers and was tenacious in making sure that people got what they were due. If you needed money to survive Ingrid would dig until she found a source for you and even help you to write the request. She will be missed. My heart felt condolences to her family.

Paul de Jonge wrote: Oh geez! I am SO sorry to hear that. My heart goes out to her family. She wuz a truly special lady.

Elizabeth Laetitia King wrote: I know i will dearly miss ingrid. She helped me out alot, as im sure she did a lot of other people. In my prayers.

Edward Pickersgill wrote: Ingrid worked for many years at Women In Crisis and then in February 1995 came to work with us at Fresh Start Housing Centre. One of the things she did at Fresh Start was run Sister Christine's "Last Month Rent Fund". Then about 5 or 6 years ago Christine met with me and said, "I want to steal Ingrid from you." Christine knew that she herself could... Read More not last forever and she needed Ingrid to be an essential part of the Drop In Centre continuing. Obviously neither Christine nor I had in mind that Ingrid's smile and gritty determination would go AWOL on us.

John Eastcott wrote: i remember Ingrid very fondly. our life is a continuous stream of giving .... peace to Ingrid.

Albert Manie Daniels wrote: Missing a woman such as Ingrid, is one of the hardest'remembering her helps to put a smile in all of our hearts looking in on us as we sleep'for she put roofs over our lonesome heads.....miss you greatly my friend.

Shannon Ralston wrote: I am so sorry to hear this news... it's a sad day for guelph... god rest her soul....

Kerry Mcnutt wrote: R.I.P , Guelph has lost a wonderful woman who will be remembered for her kindness to many.

Cathy Hunter wrote: This lady was the most warm hearted woman i have ever met, we will miss her. God Bless.

Benn Brisland wrote: I can't believe she's gone.... RIP. This community has lost such an incredible asset. You have touched so many lives with your love and kindness. You will be missed.

Melanie Moen wrote: You will be sadly missed Miss Ingrid. I barely knew you but I know you meant a lot to many for many good reasons. You were always so busy & yet so patient with everyone. Well hopefully you'll get a well deserved rest now... before someone puts you to work again as I'm sure he will seeing as you did such a good job & were so much help here to so many. I'll always luv & appreciate & remember you & Sister (big hug 4 U) for everything you two did to get me home to see my mom just before she passed away. You are now truly an ANGEL in every sense of the word & an awesome one at that.

Debbie King wrote: I do believe that god sends angels to help us overcome our dilemmas and she was definitely an angel here on earth and to many she has given her all ... and i ty for that... god rest in peace dear woman.

Janie Atkinson wrote: she will most surely be missed... when God made Ingrid He threw away the mould... GodSpeed Ingrid from one that really appreciated your help and non-judgemental approach!!!

Teresa McEvoy wrote: She touched us all at the Drop-In and leaves us all so speechless... we will never forget her!!!!!

Terry Deforest wrote: that's so sad, she was an amazing woman who also helped me out over the yrs, and many others, guelph won't be the same without her, she'll be dearly missed.

Winston Cole wrote: WellCharged, bye Ingrid we all love you, and you will be greatly missed, may Jah Bless and keep you till we all meet again. Give Jah The Glory......

Jen Inglis wrote: My heart goes out to Karen, Heather and the rest of the family. Ingrid surely was one of a kind. I have known her over 20 years and I just can't believe she is gone. Guelph really has lost an angel. RIP Ingrid.

Jesse-Jane Lefneski wrote: Growing up with a family like she and mac raised made a world of difference to our lives. To think of living a life where i dont have a support and love like her is going to be very strange,and scary. Even as an adult i would go and visit her just to see her beautiful smile to make my day better. I know how wonderful of a gift a woman like her was to all of us... for me she gave more love and strength from literally anyone i had around me as a child and an adult. I will always love her. My thoughts and prayers are with the family, and all who were touched by her. (hugs and kisses Ingrid)

Ernie Candyman Stuart wrote: i know i will miss her. i use to live on suffolk and used to walk to the old drop in just coz i was going that way, and ingrid can start a conversation on any thing. it just shocks me i though her smiling face would be with us for 15 year or so to come.

Sherri Brace MacIntyre wrote: I am so sorry to hear about Ingrid....she will be missed by so many folks in our community.....she will be very hard to replace.

Christina Jean wrote: Ingrid will be missed very much and we are so thankful for the help she has given us!

Ron Wright wrote: I've only known Ingrid for a short period of time, but from the moment we introduced ourselves I saw in her a great and kind spirit. Ingrid touched many lives and many hearts...a n excellent woman who we were fortunate to have with us. So let us not remember her for her passing, but celebrate her for the way she led her life. From those of us who remain earthbound, rest in peace Ingrid, until we all meet again.

Rachel Hayden wrote: She gave me hope when I had none... God blessed us with her presence. I hope we can all follow her lead in making the world a better place.

Lyn LadyLuv Stuart wrote: I didn't know Ingrid but any friend of Ernie's is a friend of mine. By reading these posts, I realize she was one of the 'good girls' & helped soooooo many in such a compassionate way, men, women & especially trying to make kids lives easier to live. What a woman! My sincere condolences to her family & all of U, I KNOW she will never be forgotten. Please celebrate her life, don't grieve death forever. I don't think she would have liked that, maybe I'm wrong. One of my fav hymns is 'Safe in the Arms of Jesus' & thats exactly where she is now. She'll b watching over all of U so B good, she's your guardian angel now. Rest in peace now Ingrid, U deserve it after all U've been thru.

Alison Cardow wrote: Ingrid was a gift to us all.

Cory Gould wrote: It is such a sad thing to lose a woman who was so special to us. She has definitely touched my heart and I will always be grateful for all she has done. Ingrid I love you and I will miss you.

Cathy Hunter wrote: My prayers with everyone she touched in her time on earth, but now she has gone to better place.

Kimberley Morton-bruder wrote: She will be missed dearly she was always there in anyone's time of need.

Ed Mallott wrote: We will all miss our friend.

Suzzanne Pettifer wrote: omg, I can't believe it, Ingrid was a good person, who helped a lot of people including me & my daughter, she will be missed, god bless you Ingrid.

Gareth Penrose wrote: Igrid's daughter is married to my cousin Simon. My condolences go out to this family during this time of great grieving.

Tina B wrote: She worked miracles in people's lives, understanding what was needed and knew just how to help. She always had a smile no matter what was going on and when she held your hand across that desk, you knew everything would be okay. I'll miss her and never forget her.

Mae Overholt wrote: We will all miss you.... Ingrid touched all our lives in some way even if you only spoke to her for a few minutes or new her very well she was a gift from God that cannot be replaced...

Crystal Sawyer wrote: we will all miss ingrid she has helped so many people including me and my 2 boys we will always remember u ingrid u are always in our hearts rip ingrid i will always miss u.

Janie Atkinson wrote: I want to say thank-you to Ingrid's Family for sharing an amazing woman... thru her help I am where I am today!!! Less than a year ago I was 53, recently widowed, and homeless in Guelph. Your Wonderfull Ingrid was my first contact at the Drop In and encouraged me to Keep Going. And now I'm in an apartment (with my 10 year old dog and best friend, Ingrid helped me hold on to her), I'm enrolled in school and I actually really look forward to living... Thank You for sharing her with me and many others like me in the community. Guelph was truly Blessed to have her!!! GodSpeed Ingrid...

Shianne 'Missy' Nicole wrote: OMG.... NO WAY! I AM SORRY TO HEAR!. God Bless you Ingrid. You were a wonderful woman. ♥

Kerry Elliott Mc Laughlin wrote: My thoughts and prayers are with her family, she will be greatly missed by all!!

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