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ID: 125977
Date Added: 2015-06-09
Date Modified: 2015-06-09

Fresh Start Housing Centre ? average | Votes: 0
40 Baker Street 

Fresh Start
40 Baker Street
Guelph, Ontario N1H 4G1
519-822-2887 fax 519-822-2886
Open: Monday-Friday 10am to 4 pm

Services offered at Fresh Start

  • Free, high speed internet
  • listings for all non-profit rental places including address, telephone numbers, contact people, and updates on their informational meetings
  • the Common Application for non-profit housing in Guelph/Wellington and help filling it out
  • information on housing co-ops in Guelph and how to get in touch with them
  • listings from classified ads in all local papers,updated daily
  • listings from our landlord contact list
  • staff to sit with you, document your problems and point you in a direction that might be new to you
  • assistance with housing issues, mediation and advocacy related to evictions, unsafe conditions, landlord.tenant issues
  • a copy of the Residential Tenancy Act, including notices and applications.

Resources available at Fresh Start Housing Centre

  • our most important resource is our people -- staff who have been tenants themselves, with years of experience in non-profit housing and in the co-op housing sector in Guelph
  • there are five special phones completely available to our clients to call landlords
  • contact information on housing resource centres in other cities
  • community information and contact numbers for other helpful agencies and groups
  • information on emergency housing and food

A Manifesto:

Each of us has the right to our own home. As members of this community we have a right to participate in creating enough housing that we each do have a home -- by ourselves or with our family. And, as members of a community, we have a right to expect assistance in fulfilling this right from our federal, provincial, and municipal governments. Furthermore, we have a right to a safe and affordable home which is suitable for human habitation.

And, if we are forced to move from rented space because of a change in ownership, we have a right to expect that another home will be available to us. This should be one of the cornerstones of civilization. This is not too much to expect.

A Mandate

The project is a community developement response to the housing crisis which exists in the Guelph area. Some people are well able to deal with their changing housing situation. Some people -- for economic, social, emotional and other personal reasons -- are unable to act with strength when facing a housing crisis. We have set ourselves a simple goal. We intend to do something real and practical...

If home is where the heart is a community with a heart will not ignore its homeless...

New Initiatives

Fresh Start Housing Centre will cooperate with other community based groups to enable and empower those in need to participate fully in their community. Our community begins with ourselves.

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Home of 40 Baker Street

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