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documentBound by Water
documentThen There Were Foxes 1 comment
documentNight Orchestra
documentSister Nasturtium
documentWalking on the Moon in Moulay Ibrahim
documentSound Waves Sound Wavers
documentLondon Press Release
messageRE: Responses - Treasa O'Driscoll: Thanks ...
Penn Kemp 2005-05-03
messageRE: Gwendolyn MacEwen - Susan McMaster: Your poem for ...
Penn Kemp 2005-03-28
messageBinding Twine: Penn and Edward - EDWARD: As I take the las ...
Edward Pickersgill 2002-10-31

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ID: 4963
Date Added: 2002-09-04
Date Modified: 2012-06-19
Pendas 4.0000 average | Votes: 1
Penn Kemp: poet and weaver of sound [photo by Christopher Blythe]  Read more...
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Penn and Anne300.jpg multimedia fileA Tune (from Incrementally)   by Penn Kemp

pennkemp.jpg multimedia fileHappily Waiting   by Penn Kemp (with Kiran Ahiuwalia)

multimedia fileWait Late   by Penn Kemp

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documentBound by Water
Penn Kemp  
documentThen There Were Foxes (1 comment )
by Penn Kemp  
documentNight Orchestra
Penn Kemp  
For Gwendolyn MacEwen  
documentSister Nasturtium
Penn Kemp by Anne Anglin  
documentWalking on the Moon in Moulay Ibrahim
by Penn Kemp  
documentSound Waves Sound Wavers
by Penn Kemp  
documentLondon Press Release
Poem for Peace  

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messageRE: Responses
Treasa O'Driscoll: Thanks Penn--your website is magnificent and how prolific you are! Quite an ...
messageRE: Gwendolyn MacEwen
Susan McMaster: Your poem for Gwen is very moving. Very vivid. Notice more and more as the spoken ...
messageBinding Twine: Penn and Edward
EDWARD: As I take the last two poems in my hands I know something about you and I'm happy to kno ...

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