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ID: 4991
Date Added: 2002-09-14
Date Modified: 2010-06-07
Poem for Peace in many voices ? average | Votes: 0
translated from the aether by Penn Kemp 
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Poem for Peace in many voices
...dedicated to the Peacemaker
See and Read the Poem for Peace.

Poem for Peace in Many Voices:
an energetic peace initiative

Interviews are now available to download via www.rabble.ca and http://faculty.uoit.ca/hughes/Research/poetry.html.

Many individual language audio files available below...

Here’s to celebrating peace through the connective power of poetry! A little poem Penn wrote is an invitation to individual peace in the midst of global tension. The video shows one of our many performances in public spaces, this one in London ON. The video was screened at Pacific Cinématheque, Vancouver, Nov. 11 2004, for Visible Verse. A column about the poem is featured in What if? magazine (October 2004).

Our gatherings have celebrated peace with readers proudly presenting the poem in all their languages. What's fascinating is the way translation opens our ears to other traditions. Once you've heard the poem in English, you listen to languages you might be familiar with, like French or Pig Latin... and then because you understand the meaning, you can hear it in languages new to your ears... it's a way into experiencing other cultures first-hand! Linguistic barriers drop as you listen to the many tongues. Such an experience of cultural diversity through poetry is timely. We invite you to participate by translating ... listening, or reading the poem aloud!

List of audio files and readers

Afrikaans - Marie Driessen
Ancient Egyptian Chant - Daniel Kolos with Penn Kemp
Ancient Egyptian with English - Daniel Kolos with Penn Kemp
Ancient Egyptian with Drums - Daniel Kolos with Penn Kemp, John Magyar
Arabic - Leila Krofol
Basque - Pablo Ruiz and Maitane Arizti
Chinese - Liang Yan and Hui-Hui Shen
Chinese - Zhang and Qu
Czech - Jana Novotny
Czech - Jana Novotny
Dutch - Gerbrig Berman
Dutch - Synthia Schilder and friend
Elfish - Vera Ivanenko and Kalynn Tindomë
English - Penn Kemp and Di Brandt
English - Penn Kemp with Kiran Ahluwalia
English - Penn Kemp with Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy
English Sounding - Penn Kemp and Anne Anglin
English Sounding - Penn and Bill Bisset
English Sounding - Penn and John Magyar
Estonian - Eda Sepp
Ewe - Godonu Kofi Srigboh
Ewe (Sung) - Godonu Kofi Srigboh
Farsi - Saghi Ghahraman
Farsi/Dari (Afghanistan) - Tayiba Nasr
Farsi (Iran) - Shahla and Shahpoor Layeghi
Finnish - Beverley Viljakainen with Daniel Kolos
Finnish - Hanna Marti and Eva Marti
French - Claude Gillard
French - Veronique Orain and John Clouston
German - Karl Bachhaus
German - Andrea Jarmai and Di Brandt
Greek - Marianne Micros
Greek - Bill Vamvalis and Marianne Micros
Gujarati (Kenya) - Shehenaz Manji
Gujarati and English - Shehenaz Manji and Penn Kemp
Gujarati (Gujarat) - Tushar Thakkar
Hausa - Dia Hatchi Karimou
Hebrew - Aliyana Ruekberg
Hungarian - Daniel Kolos with Andrea Jarmai
Hungarian Cat Sounding - Daniel Kolos and Andrea Jarmai
Igbo - Ifeanyichukwu Emesowum
Igpay Atinlay - Johnny Fansher
Igbo (Nigeria) - Ifeanyichukwu Emesowum
Irish - Mary Nolan
Italian - Anna Wichelow
Italian - Dante Lenardon and John Clouston
Japanese - Saiko Mihara
Kinyarwanda (Ruanda) - Eugene Nshimiyimana
Kinyarwanda - Eugene Nshumuyamana and Henry Boyi
Kirundi (Burundi) - Henri Boyi
Kirundi (sung) - Henri Boyi
Korean - Jeung Mi Kim
Latin - Anne Welwood with Daniel Kolos
Latin - Andrea Jarmai and Daniel Kolos
Lithuanian - Romas Oleka
Macedonian - Elizabeth Goushleff
Maltese - Paul Attard
Mennonite (Plautdietsch) - Di Brandt
Norwegian - Ragnhild Talman
Ojibway Anishinaabemowin - Mary Sturgeon and Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy with drum
Plautdietsch (Mennonite) - Di Brandt
Plautdietsch - Di Brandt and Andrea Jarmai
Polish - Ewa Czachorwski and Wlasyslaq (Walter) Pomaranski
Portugese - Miguel Neneve with Marilene Proenca
Punjabi - Ajmer Rode with Navtej Bharati and Kiran Ahluwalia
Romanian - Nicholas Zsifkov
Russian - Sasha Braun
Russian - Vera Ivanenko
Russian - Vera Ivanenko and Ewa Czachorwski
Serbian - Violeta Dikanovic
Sesotho - Suzan Sebolelo Ntepe
Sesotho - Suzan Sebolelo Ntepe with Lizzy Mahashe
Sesotho - Suzan Sebolelo Ntepe
Slovene - Damjana Bratuz
Slovene - Damjana Bratuz and Magda Razpotnik
Spanish - Luz Maria Jaramillo
Spanish - Penn Kemp with Gloria Alvernaz Mulcahy
Spanish - Luz Maria Jaramillo and Gloria Alvarez Mulcahy
Somali - Mohamed Hassan Abdi (Badqas)
Swahili - Lizzy Mahashe
Swahili - Eugene Nshimiyamana and Suzan Sebolelo Ntepe
Swedish - Anette McKenzie
Swedish - Eva Munnoz and Hanna Marti
Tagalog - Grace Tatel Graham
Tibetan - Lama Phuntsok with chant
Ukranian - Vera Ivanenko
Ukranian Vera Ivanenko
Vietnamese - Trango Cao
Welsh - Nancy Cox
Yiddish - Shieky Brownstone
Yiddish - Shieky and Rebecca Brownstone

Icelandic - Birgitta Jonsdottir
Kannada - M A Rukmini and Vanitha Narasimhanis
Tamil - Ranganayaki Srinivas
Telugu - R. Shanti and Pooja Srinivas

Copyright (c) 2002 Pendas Publications
for Penn Kemp, Anne Anglin and the translators
Paintings and Cover by Anne Anglin

A first limited edition of 25 series copies and many translators' proofs was prepared for and made available for the Eden Mills Writers Festival held on Sunday, Sepember 8, 2002 especially to commemorate Sept. 11

The CD is engineered by John Magyar at Psychospace Sound, 103 Beaconsfield Avenue, Toronto M6J 3J3

Penn Kemp's "Poem for Peace in Two Voices" was written for Convergence: Poems for Peace, the League of Canadian Poets: www.poets.ca. Translated into French, Sesotho, Spanish, and Portuguese, it appears in Convergence: Poets for Peace, Penumbra Press. The "Poem for Peace" was presented to Hon. Maria Minna at the House of Commons in Ottawa as a sound poem performed by Penn Kemp and Colin Morton.

Pendas Productions
525 Canterbury Road, London ON N6G 2N5
e-mail: Pendas@pennkemp.ca

If you notice missing or faulty links or if you have suggestions and leads for new content, please write to:

Edward Pickersgill

Poem for Peace, Volume 2:
Painting is by Bernice Vincent, Photo and CD design by Gavin Stairs

Image in top right is from Vol. 1 and is a painting by Anne Anglin

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