There are several fundraising platforms that you can exploit to raise money. Using these platforms will increase the success of your custom hoodies based fundraising event.


This platform is ideal for individuals, small enterprises and large organizations making it useful to all people and organizations. It is easy to use where you can easily upload your own design or customize one using the online builder. Subsequently, it is relatively easy for your supporters to donate to your event. You do not any fee to start a campaign in this platform, however, you will be charged a 4.5% and 3.5% as platform and processing payment respectively.


This is a crowdfunding platform where you can easily design and sell your t-shirts. It allows the user to set the minimum amount as well as suggest donations to encourage your donors to generously donate. The t-shirts can be given as rewards to the people who donate the minimum amount of the donation tier set by the user. Nevertheless, all donations will be accepted even from donors who do not meet the tier. The printing and shipping expenses will vary considerably depending on the products being sold.

Zexex Sports

This platform is an ideal platform for clubs and teams. The user will design the team or club log and then pick a catalog on the platform. After picking your preferred t-shirt style, you will then assemble an online team store where the donors will have a platform to purchase the products. Zexez platform has an advantage in that they design the t-shirt for you giving you time to concentrate on marketing the fundraising event. They only charge the processing fee.

Inkd Apparel

This a t-shirt campaign platform that offers free advice to nonprofit organizations on how to raise funds. They offer expert guidance on how to start the campaign and design a free website for the organization. It is free to create but may charge an additional fee.

Nature’s Vision

Nature’s vision mainly focuses on fundraising that is specially designed to focus on environmentally responsible aspects. The t-shirts are made from environmentally friendly material mainly from 100% organic cotton. It is a good selection for organizations without an established brand or for schools that intend to promote matters concerning the environment. They offer free advice, catalog, posters and many more incentives. Nonprofit organizations are given 40% of the profit.

Fan Cloth

Fan cloth platform is specialized for sports teams and schools. It aims at motivating athletics and students towards hard work in raising funds. It is best for teams and schools who are offering a variety of products. The platform easily mobilizes students and team members or fans.


This platform cannot be specifically called a t-shirt fundraising platform but rather a robust peer-to-peer fundraising platform offering online services to allow organizations to sell their t-shirt to the target donors. Each peer has the opportunity to sell the products which are mainly custom t-shirts to an extended network while channeling donations to the event. The peer-to-peer campaign is registered with a total of $190. A transaction fee of 3.5% is charged.

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