As an organization that leads the nation, we do our best to keep communities powerful, resilient, and dependable while seeking to combine with other organizations. We do this to open up several opportunities such as social financing, impact investing, and aiding the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) for its enhancements. You are welcome to see and know more about our activities, topics, work, and the things we most importantly have in mind.

Where We Work Page

The offices of our organization are located in Vancouver and Montreal with some team members scattered along Ottawa and Ontario. We are very closely connected to 150 community organizations all over Canada and continually communicate with international partners, plus a network of about 1500 communities all over the globe.

Office in Vancouver

We have a 12,000 sq. ft. area for team members to meet and work. We have about 10,000 passionate members who are part of our worldwide network.

The SDGs are what we use as a guide to see how we can influence the world. We hold events and agendas for the purpose of teaching people how to work in unity.

Office in Montreal

Our office in Montreal is a hub for non-profit and humanitarian organizations who are examples of several excellent works. We have 10 representatives from different organizations that desire to change the system of how non-profit and humanitarian organizations team up as one.