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Pact 2030

Pact 2030 is a connection of several different foundations, institutions, and people who are driven to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the UN in the early periods of 2030.

After all our hard work, My Town founded Pact 2030 along with our trusted partners who are also located in Canada. We strongly believe that our goals can be met not only in Canada but also all over the globe by working on innovations with the locals and also with foreign communities.

Pact 2030 is creating a database where all the activities implemented in every area of Canada in connection with the SDGs can be searched and found. Its voice can be further heard through blog narratives and series in a podcast. This keeps different members in organizations stay connected with Canadians who have the same interests. This allows them to talk about learnings, get supported, and be updated with regards to the SGDs.

The pack also brings this program into different groups, allowing time for its people to connect across different areas to search for partners to achieve their goals.

The Future’s Youth Community Obstacle

Our issues at present need effective and better solutions. We need people who think big and look at the bigger picture in preparation for obstacles in the future. We want to hear the voices of the youth in deciding to contribute to building lively and resilient communities.

The Future’s Youth Community Obstacle is inviting the youth who are 15 to 29 yrs. old from 130 small and middle-sized communities all around Canada. In every community that attends, both the youth with their organization does their best to see the realness of their ideas.

This program allows the youth to have more power in implementing projects that provide solutions to problems arising concerning security, food, health, education, and more. The youth are making changes for progress while gaining new learnings, experiences, and relationships. All these things will prepare them for their future missions.

Young people should be permitted to lead projects concerning changes in the community. Young minds should be given a voice as long as their motives are pure and their ideas are wise.

Community organizations connected to us have chosen 200 projects of 130 communities all over the country and started to spread the good news about the work this program is trying to achieve.