As we try to build new purposes, this reality was always kept in our minds. It was a significant part for us and our partners for our programs. We were considering different views to make full use of the strengths of My Town, and detect our weaknesses.

Many people were instruments in this pursuit through their feedbacks from conversations, interviews, and surveys. We had a more vivid perspective because of them. So, we thank you, everyone, who were willing to participate in our operations.

We learned about the importance of developing communication through our history and to respect the deeply rooted traditions in Canada’s community organizations. This gave us proof that belongingness is at the heart of our community.

As we tried to determine the main purpose of My Town, this idea was indispensable. In fact, it is deeply connected to one of our priorities, which is the SDGs- expressing that no one should be left behind.

How Canadian community organizations are utilizing Dynamics and community data

From all around the globe, Canadian community organizations have been leading the world of philanthropy through community data and influencing the locals through Dynamics.

By leading Dynamic Conversations and publishing Dynamic reports, community organizations give their communities new and updated data on their specific area. This data is then utilized by community organizations and actors to meet the needs of their community.

Our perception of Dynamics aided organizations and new partnerships were formed. With Sustainable Development Goals as our skeleton for community data, it moves opportunities on top by looking at local problems in a context seen globally:

  • As the foundation for “internal granting guidelines”
  • As our way of using getting full resources
  • As a means for creating new streams of revenue
  • As one of the means of making us a settled local center for valuable information and conversations
  • As one of the reasons we can gain more partners through SDGs

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