Projects are beginning to take their form with gained partnerships and innovations as The Cities of Tomorrow think of ways to better build the cities of Canada. The following are their projects:

The Urban Cities Future

Investors from all over Canada work as one to build a combined vision for its cities, thinking about different situations affecting the growth of the population, climate change, and investments on infrastructure for the coming 50 years. Their aim is to develop a functional and practical strategy for the cities of Canada.

Local Urban Data

The Cities of Tomorrow will group together with students, government professionals, citizens, and industries to share the framework for a local strategy for urban data. The result will give perspective on present issues, then makes a step to supplementing the gap in governance regarding Canada’s data.

Network for Information

The Cities of Tomorrow Network creates and provides information concerning urban research for innovators and builders of the city.

Temagami leads a community event concerning Truth along with Reconciliation

The scenarios that happen when friends and family come together in one table are familiar to almost all of us: Stories are being shared, stronger relationships are created, knowledge is given, and each person feels some form of connection with the people around them as well as the environment.

When a group convenes, each member shares a feeling of belongingness.

On one afternoon of August, about 55 members of the community form Temagami gathered together in one of the most welcoming theaters in Canada to talk about the topic—Truth along with Reconciliation.

The group’s discussions focused on the following topics:

  • Personal experiences of being a part of a residential school and its influence
  • The significance of renewing “traditional” knowledge, practices and culture
  • Creating a stronger bond with the Indigenous people of Temagami

The discussion lasted for almost three hours. A different point of views was shared, and it was truly a healthy conversation among community members.

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