Dynamics is one of Canada’s most driven agenda in data programming. Dynamics is led by Community Organizations of Canada and other communities all over the globe. About 55 community organizations located in Canada and 40 all over the world join in making reports through Dynamics hosting several programs and events.

Dynamics uses its information extracted locally to measure the community’s liveliness and take measurable steps to enhance the life quality of the majority. Dynamics’ mission is to encourage citizens to engage in community programs (e. g. debates) and to influence actors to take steps that will have a great impact.

Dynamics’ primary role is to give community organizations in Canada access to national computer documents supplemented by surveys done locally, as well as events and programs that stir up the mind of the community. This information should guide them to what should be their priorities.

Housings, transportations, safety, the surrounding, gender equality and more give important overviews to the community’s quality of life.

Since 2018, we are starting to keep our national computerized documents in line with our plan for 2030, the SDGs of the UN. The outline of SDG gives permission to us and to other community organizations to know the measures of data in Canada in competition with communities around the globe.

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