Is CBD Safe for the Environment?

With the number of CBD oil in Canada and products increasing globally, more and more people from different backgrounds are consuming it daily.
As in every large-scale industry, we must first understand the impact of this expansion on the condition of this earth.
Let’s look at how CBD is made and how it affects our planet’s sustainability. We think all businesses producing and selling CBD should work together on making these problems a priority.
CBD Production
The environmental impact of CBD farming and processing is an essential factor to …

5 Crucial Ways to Prevent Water Shortages in the World

Water shortage is a global problem that can be caused by either economic water scarcity or physical water scarcity. When the problem is rooted in economic concerns, the shortage is attributed to poor management of water resources. According to water experts, physical water scarcity occurs when the natural sources of water in a certain region do not meet the demands of the users.
Water is essential to life, but not all people around the world have access to clean drinking water. This can be a bit astonishing since 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with …